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Stream Iyengar Yoga Audio Classes


Interested in yoga practice that allows you to completely focus on your posture, poses and breathing? Sometimes video classes can be distracting, with Iyengar yoga audio classes, you can be fully present, close your eyes and follow the soothing voice of our guided practice. With almost 40 years of experience practicing Iyengar yoga, Yoga Vastu instructors were trained directly from the Iyengar family.

Stream our full-length classes recorded in real time by our experienced teachers. All audio materials come with illustrated guides and instructions, so whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, following along to Yoga Vastu audio classes is a relaxing and clear experience.

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Targeting a range of pain points

Is most of your day spent sitting at a desk looking at a computer screen? Or perhaps your job involves heavy lifting. Either way, do you often experience lower back pain on a day-to-day basis?

Explore our range of yoga audio classes for the lower back designed to target pain and pressure you may experience from spending all day working from a chair. We can also help talk you through yoga poses for shoulders which can help off-set the hunched-over effect that comes with sitting at a desk all day. Target your upper body, open your chest and shoulders and increase flexibility by adapting effective poses designed to heal your shoulders and back.

The benefits of audio classes by Yoga Vastu

Listening to a calming and peaceful yoga class makes it easier to tune into your body and connect with your practice on a deeper level. Close your eyes, listen to the instructor and allow our incredibly experienced Iyengar yoga teachers to verbally walk you through a targeted yoga session. This transformative way to practice your yoga sequences and poses gives you the chance to truly be present and connect to the class on a spiritual level.