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Iyengar Yoga Videos Online – poses, sequences and classes


Enjoy our extensive collection of Iyengar yoga videos including step-by-step pose tutorials, short classes and full-length video sequences. These Iyengar yoga videos are designed to help you strengthen your practice. From beginners to intermediate and advanced yogis, whether you are new to this form of yoga or have been practising it for years, finding the perfect video is easy with Yoga Vastu. Just use our filters to help find the right video for you, get out your yoga mat, use props if necessary, and start your practice.

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The benefits of Iyengar Yoga

One of the more traditional yoga types, there are countless reasons why Iyengar yoga holds the power to benefit and heal the body. Feel the flexibility develop as you ease into poses during a slow and gentle practice. Or choose to engage in a more dynamic sequence to boost mental and physical energy whilst maintaining focus and awareness. Most positions will be held long enough to bring your attention to the various actions required. Props may be used to hold these postures with greater ease and to support any restricted areas and to give greater freedom in the Asana.

In addition to stretching out your muscles, Iyengar yoga can also help to tone them. Engaging the whole body, our videos will show you how to think about what other parts of the body your muscles are connected to and encourage you to integrate them as a whole.

Calm you mind, body and soul with Iyengar Yoga videos

These videos will take you through countless Iyengar yoga sequences allowing you to relax your mind and enhance focus. By encouraging you to hone-in more on your alignment and block out distracting thoughts that can pull you away from moment, this practice is similar to meditation. Mr Iyengar often referred to practice as meditation in action: the more you practice, the calmer your mind will be, and you can even take your findings off the mat and into the real world

Yoga Vastu – Australia’s most advanced Iyengar Yoga resource

Trained directly from the Iyengar yoga family, our teachers understand the practice of Iyengar yoga. All of our videos are designed to help maintain a happy and healthy routine while strengthening your mind and body. Developing good habits in yoga and meditation can make a real difference in your everyday life. For more information about our online studio or the best practices for Iyengar Yoga contact our instructors today.